Education Sables

SCI Education Sables Mission Statement: To further the understanding of our outdoor heritage, including the positive role of hunting, through the creation and support of wildlife and conservation educational programs that are consistent with the educational mission and purposes of SCI and SCI Foundation.

Sables Education Programs are changing, but the mission remains these same. SCI Foundation and the Sables are committed to developing new programs that build upon the tradition of excellence established by the American Wilderness Leadership School.

These programs will:

- Educate about the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation

- The importance of hunting as a socially and culturally acceptable activity in society.

The goal is to reach educators, wildlife professionals, federal/state elected officials and others across the country thru:

- Customized Education Programs for chapters,

- Sables Education on the Move

- Programs for Policy Makers. Reaching our federal and state legislators and their staff.

- Influencers and Ambassadors Program. Using the platforms and experiences of social media sources to build social acceptance of hunting among young people.

- University Programs. Facilitate the next generation of wildlife enterprise professionals to attend the SCI Convention that they may experience and network with others that are in wildlife conservation and enterprise fields.

Get to know your Adirondack-Catskill Education Sables, be part of

- Sponsoring local Envirothon Teams as well as area school archery and sport shooting programs.

- Sponsoring the Adirondack-Catskill Chapter Young Hunter Award Winner’s expenses to attend the Wildlife Leadership Academy in Pennsylvania.

- Participating in fund raising events and Chapter support activities.

- Promoting distribution of Hands-On-Wildlife Box to schools and non-profit organizations serving youth.

- Volunteer to work at local Youth Days. Whether it’s helping with educational games to promote the connection between wildlife conservation and our hunting heritage or assisting on the range. Get involved!

Support the conservation and education goals of the Safari Club International Foundation by becoming a Sables member or making a donation.

For more information, contact:

Robin Jerauld, ACSCI Education Sables Director or 607-643-1978